KnippeRx redefines specialty pharmacy services for the manufacturer with high‑touch, high‑tech, high‑caring action

KnippeRx is a new specialty pharmacy, purpose-built to overcome the complex barriers to access and provide the shortest path possible from initiation of script to delivery of essential therapy to patients. We call it CARE. AT THE SPEED OF NEED.

How is KnippeRx different?

Specialty drugs have a very unique set of distribution needs, which are not met by the traditional drug distribution channels. KnippeRx has been designed to provide all of the unique services that the manufacturer needs to more effectively manage the specialty supply chain and to quickly and efficiently get those therapies to the patients who need them.

Specialty drug dispensing and clinical therapy

At the heart of KnippeRx is our specialty pharmacy that is focused on high-touch patient-centric compassionate care. The KnippeRx Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to providing its patients with the highest quality clinical therapy, adherence support, and personal advocacy. We employ a true team approach to patient care, which ensures the most positive patient outcomes.

Core specialty offerings:

  • Specialty drug dispensing
  • Regularly scheduled, in-depth interactions with healthcare providers and patients to improve adherence and communication
  • 24/7 clinical support

Focused and flexible hub services

KnippeRx provides highly focused hub services, which include prior authorization (PA), comprehensive benefits investigation, and 24/7 patient assistance, service, and support. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the KnippeRx ePAS℠ process dramatically accelerates the PA process to provide results in a matter of days or even minutes. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our proprietary ePAS℠ process dramatically accelerates the prior authorization process providing results in a matter of days or even minutes.

Integrated distribution services

Through our affiliation with J. Knipper and Company, KnippeRx provides direct co-located access to comprehensive integrated ambient and cold-chain distribution services designed specifically around orphan and ultra-orphan products. KnippeRx is accredited through the Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors (VAWD) program in all 50 states with distribution facilities strategically located in the Northeast and Midwest to accommodate higher volumes of smaller parcel shipments. Together with J. Knipper and Company, KnippeRx offers third-party logistics services, as well as direct distribution to practices, hospitals, specialty pharmacies, and direct to patients.

Benefits include:

  • Direct-to-patient delivery
  • Multiple distribution channels
  • Fee-for-service provider
  • Stocking of materials on consignment
  • Clinical trials distribution
  • Proficient handling of all third-party logistics

Patient assistance program management and dispensing

Along with our affiliate J. Knipper and Company, KnippeRx provides complete patient assistance and starter program application administration, from assistance with design through comprehensive implementation, execution, and mitigation services. Income verification, benefits investigation and patient dispensing are fully integrated offerings of KnippeRx patient assistance program management. All patient assistance programs are customizable for manufacturers to efficiently overcome obstacles and help ensure access to therapy. And when cost is not a deterrent, patients are more likely to adhere to therapy.

Robust data reporting

As an independent specialty pharmacy, KnippeRx efficiently collects and provides you with accurate and actionable real-time data reporting that’s crucial to achieving positive patient outcomes. Just like other KnippeRx scalable services, our data collection and analytics can be customized to your needs to deliver relevant insights into the utilization of your product.