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Unlocking Access:
Direct-To-Patient Cash Solutions for Pharma Manufacturers

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KnippeRx takes the hassle out of getting your medication. Have your prescription sent to us—we’ll do the rest.

With KnippeRx, patients enjoy a simple, effortless process for getting their prescriptions filled.

KnippeRx helps physicians help their patients!

Just choose “KnippeRx” from your EMR and put us to work on your behalf ensuring your patients receive the therapy you prescribe with the quality, care and commitment that you expect.

With KnippeRx, patients are always in-the-know.

With easy-to-use online and mobile tools, and a commitment to personal engagement, patients stay informed.

Easy access to specialized support and guidance.

Our pharmacy staff is always available to address patients’ prescription questions, needs, and concerns.

KnippeRx integrates with other healthcare service providers.

As part of a larger healthcare ecosystem, we often help patients access other integrated healthcare services across various providers.

The KnippeRx Advantage Includes:

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Knipper Integrated Services

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Helping patients get the medication they need, when they need it, without the hassle

As a licensed, nationwide home delivery pharmacy with a specialized team of pharmacy professionals, KnippeRx makes it easy and affordable for patients to get their prescriptions filled quickly and delivered right to their doorstep.
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Removing administrative barriers to support improved patient outcomes

Backed by a highly skilled staff, using advanced technologies that support most major EMR (electronic medical record) and ERx (electronic prescribing) platforms, and licensed to dispense nationwide, KnippeRx helps overcome barriers to access, enabling physicians to more seamlessly deliver quality clinical care.
How We Help Prescribers

Keeping patients in-the-know

With KnippeRx, patients stay informed every step of the way. Once we receive the prescription, patients get a confirmation text or email alerting them of their order status. From there, they can get updates or ask questions at any time online or through our easy-to-use mobile app. Simple. Easy. Convenient.
How We Help Patients

Easy access to specialized support and guidance

Our pharmacy staff is always available to answer patients’ questions, address concerns, and provide assistance with access to the medication they need. Offering a range of communication options—from a secure online chat to a live video conference to a simple phone call—we make it easy for patients to instantly connect with a Licensed Pharmacist or Registered Pharmacy Technician.
How We Help Patients

Facilitating access to expanded services through a larger healthcare technology ecosystem

We integrate with other healthcare service providers to support a more integrated approach to healthcare. With the ability to seamlessly transfer information across a range of physician, patient, and provider platforms—from Telehealth and Patient Access systems to Copay Assistance providers, and more—we support a more efficient healthcare ecosystem while creating a convenient patient experience.
How We Integrate

Who KnippeRx Serves


KnippeRx is dedicated to working around the clock to get you everything you need for a smooth therapeutic experience.


KnippeRx Specialty Pharmacy supports the fact that your time is better spent focusing on your patients’ health—rather than their paperwork.


KnippeRx redefines specialty pharmacy services for the manufacturer with high‑touch, high‑tech, high‑caring action.








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