Your journey to therapy: compassionate and comprehensive support when and where you need it

KnippeRx is dedicated to working around the clock to get you everything you need for a smooth therapeutic experience. From connecting you with highly knowledgeable, efficient, and caring staff members to providing you with uniquely tailored services and support, you can take comfort in knowing that we’re all on your team. We’re also here to advocate for you to get access to the most advanced therapy available, including treatments for cancer, inflammatory diseases, hepatitis, HIV, hemophilia, and many new breakthrough therapies.

One-on-one care

We begin working on your behalf as soon as your prescription is received. The first thing you can expect is a call from one of our highly knowledgeable Specialty Care Advocates, who will schedule time to educate you, one-on-one, about your new therapy and how to administer it. You’ll also be connected with other highly trained specialists who have a strong understanding of your treatment goals and will expertly advocate for all therapy-related aspects of your individualized care. In addition, KnippeRx provides accelerated electronic prior authorization through its proprietary ePAS℠ process to keep the specialty therapy process moving rapidly forward. You’ll also have access to 24/7 education, support, and services—so you can get answers to questions any time.

A team approach to healthcare

Beyond filling your prescription, KnippeRx collaborates closely with your physician to ensure that you get the most appropriate therapy, patient education, training, and ongoing care, when and where you need it. We consider ourselves a part of your essential healthcare team—and work right alongside your physician’s office. We will help you coordinate frequent discussions about your health to make sure that everyone is on the same path when it comes to managing your therapy and any concerns you have along the way.

It’s comforting to know that you can maintain an open dialogue with your healthcare provider and your specialty pharmacy. A team approach contributes to better communication and better overall results for you.

Personalized therapy delivery

KnippeRx is committed to getting you on the therapy your healthcare provider selected for you—as soon as it’s needed. And whereas many other specialty pharmacies make promises to deliver, we stand by our word, providing concierge services and next-day delivery on qualified medications. It’s what we call CARE. AT THE SPEED OF NEED. We’ll do everything within our power to get you started on your treatment plan in the most timely manner—with convenient delivery, often at the time of your choice, to your office, an infusion center, your doctor’s office, or right to your front door.

Staying connected with frequent follows-ups

KnippeRx won’t let you lose direction along your journey through therapy or at any time throughout your treatment experience. We’re committed to staying connected. We’re going to continue to check in with you on regularly scheduled dates and times. We want to know how you’re doing and make sure you’ve received your therapy on time, you’re taking it properly, and that it’s working the way it should. You’ll experience administrative and clinical expertise at every stop along the way, too. We’ll be monitoring your response to therapy and making sure you’re receiving continual education regarding your regimen. If you any have questions or concerns at any time, we’re here for whenever you need us.

Rapid benefits investigation and financial assistance

At KnippeRx, we understand your treatment can sometimes create a difficult financial obstacle. By coordinating with your healthcare provider and conducting a comprehensive benefits investigation and income verification, we’ll find the best reimbursement solution available for you. Even with insurance, sometimes therapy can be too costly to obtain. When therapy becomes a financial burden, a KnippeRx specialist will work to promptly locate additional funding assistance and explore manufacturer co-pay programs that minimize your out-of-pocket costs while helping you get started with your prescribed therapy as quickly as needed.

Comprehensive therapy and support

KnippeRx is dedicated to keeping your therapeutic journey moving rapidly forward and clear from any obstacles. With patient-centric personalized care, we connect you with the right specialist to walk you through whatever challenges you may face. Our Specialty Care Advocates are committed to assisting you with therapy-specific training, ongoing treatment monitoring, side effect management, dosing schedules, and even multiple therapies. With KnippeRx, you’ll never have to go it alone. You’ll have access to KnippeRx specialized clinical staff who can answer questions about your individualized therapy whenever you need them.