Patient Assistance Programs

KnippeRx PAP Ecosystem Increases Efficiency and Improves the Patient Journey

The need for Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) continues to grow and manufacturers’ need to expand these programs continues to rise. Challenges with scalability and affordability of PAP programs is driving the need for more efficient, innovative solutions that reduce cost and improve the patient and HCP experience. Recognizing this rapidly increasing need, KnippeRx has developed the “Rx Cares Technology Ecosystem” – a comprehensive end-to-end platform based on the latest technologies and industry insights.

Featuring complete Patient Assistance Program management—from application processing through labeled dispensing and HCP replenishment via 3PL fulfillment—Our Rx Cares Technology Ecosystem includes:

  • Automated application processing
  • Electronic benefits investigation
  • Electronic income verification
  • A configurable business rules engine
  • ePAP and third-party service integration
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