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KnippeRx (Custom Pharmacy Solutions) exists because we saw a gap in the industry that needed to be addressed. It is not always obvious, but often, patients cannot access the prescriptions that will bring them relief, provide therapy, or possibly sustain or save their life. These patients may not have the financial means to pay for their therapy, they may need additional education about the medication, they may be waiting for therapies to be determined and would benefit from a sample trial. There are many, many other barriers like these that people may face while trying to find solutions to their healthcare needs. This is where KnippeRx contributors come into action. Our contributors are specifically trained to help provide solutions, to help remove obstacles, and engage with our mission… to create the shortest path between patient and therapy. If you are a solution-provider, and have empathy, and if our company values (caring, honesty, accountability, respect and trust) resonate with you, then you may be a perfect match for our growing company.

What does a typical day look like at KnippeRx? Each day you will be working with a team of contributors who are dedicated to helping people; you will learn something each day, you will be busy, you will find teamwork and comradery. And by the end of each day, you will know that what you’ve accomplished will help patients by either actually fulfilling their prescriptions, sending their packages out, talking with them over the phone, quality checking work, and/or managing the team to get it all done efficiently.

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