Sample Fulfillment & Distribution

Combining state-of-the-art facilities with innovative technology at the highest level of quality.

Today’s healthcare industry requires a highly specialized fulfillment and distribution champion.

One with in-depth knowledge of all reporting and tracking requirements at both state and federal levels. A provider licensed to manage Rx drugs and controlled substances as well as handling devices and materials. One that maintains a strict cold-chain with refrigerated warehousing and specialized packaging capable of maintaining product integrity from receipt to delivery. One who is licensed to repackage and relabel product. A provider who doesn’t just talk quality but measures it in every operation from storage control to packing operations to on-time shipping.

Our industry-leading distribution centers provide…

  • Knipper Health’s industry-specialized order processing technology combined with the leading warehouse management system enabling accurate and rapid turnaround times with extraordinary visibility across all inventory, orders, and shipments.
  • Nearly 14,000 square feet of refrigerated warehouse equipped with exacting temperature controls and advanced monitoring systems which support Knipper Health’s highly-regarded cold-chain services.
  • Process and practice based on Six Sigma principles and TQM philosophy, ensuring that every employee is highly empowered and fully accountable for the highest levels of quality in all of Knipper Health’s products and services.
  • The perfect balance of leading technology and invaluable human expertise resulting in automation where it is most sensible and flexibility where it is most needed.

From large scale salesforce distribution of product or literature to highly-specialized pick and pack fulfillment of drug samples or medical devices, Knipper Health has the knowledge and the experience to deliver success to you and your brands. Click here to request additional information on our Fulfillment and Distribution services.

For over 35 years, pharma, life sciences and medical device companies have been entrusting their product and literature fulfillment and distribution success to Knipper Health – the largest supplier of sample management services in the U.S. today.

Industry-leading innovation, performance and results.

For over 35 years, the pharma, life sciences and medical device companies have trusted their direct marketing outreach and engagement success to Knipper Health – the largest and most respected provider in the U.S. today.

Knipper Health’s Marketing and Sales Support Services and Solutions are the most comprehensive and innovative available today. Our healthcare Contact Center and Direct Marketing Services help companies and their brands communicate and engage efficiently and effectively with Healthcare Providers (HCPs) and Patients.

From traditional direct mail and telephone outreach to mobile and online engagement tools, Knipper Health has the solutions you need to ensure your message is heard and your objectives are achieved.

The right services and solutions, made easy.

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