ePAS℠ accelerated electronic prior authorization: rapid, efficient, secure

KnippeRx knows that once patients are diagnosed, every minute counts when it comes to their care. Our proprietary ePAS℠ process leverages cutting-edge technology that helps significantly accelerate the prior authorization process and overcome the barriers to access, which often delay critical therapy.

Experience ePAS℠ expedience

Prior authorization is often required for access to specialty therapies but is also a frequent obstacle that holds up the process of delivering greatly needed medications to patients. But, KnippeRx changes the paradigm. Through a convenient online healthcare provider portal, our proprietary ePAS℠ process provides instant electronic benefits investigation – often obtaining authorization within hours, or even minutes, versus the weeks that pass with other specialty pharmacies. KnippeRx’s ePAS℠ makes it faster, easier, and less stressful to keep the journey to therapy moving rapidly forward.

Specialty pharmacy traditional referral processing time - up to 21 days
Specialty pharmacy KnippeRx referral processing time - same day


ePAS℠ is a direct response to the industry’s expressed need for a faster, more efficient prior authorization process. One that helps get new and novel specialty biologics to patients when and where they are needed. A process that ensures 100% compliance to payer coverage criteria and avoids delays and breaks in therapy.