Cost-saving insights that improve outcomes

KnippeRx knows that payers’ primary concerns are getting patients on their prescribed therapy as soon as possible and helping them adhere to their treatment plan by surrounding them with a collaborative, compassionate, and connected team. To help support patients through their journey to therapy, KnippeRx provides ongoing education, personalized, knowledgeable care, and expertise in navigating financial and utilization barriers with unrivaled high-touch care. And KnippeRx will ensure that every script we fill meets the payers coverage policy 100% of the time.

What can you expect from KnippeRx?

KnippeRx Specialty Pharmacy is highly focused on serving rare, orphan, and ultra-orphan therapies and committed to delivering speed to therapy. With our core mission of streamlining the journey to specialty care, we bring new high-touch, high-tech, high-care value and solutions to payers.

  • Accelerated electronic prior authorization
  • Expertise in financial assistance
  • Collection and leveraging of structured data
  • Comprehensive support and adherence programs and clinical counseling
  • Frequent outreach and in-depth patient follow-ups
  • 360-degree team approach to care

Metrics-driven Value

Because providing proof of outcomes in small population specialty therapies is integral to driving cost containment, KnippeRx utilizes efficient, advanced reporting tools and internally driven checkpoints to consistently assess and validate each patient’s therapy. Collecting and delivering timely and accurate structured data analytics enables a higher level of control over costs, quality of care, and allows for implementation of rapid interventions, when and where they’re needed.

KnippeRx accurately and regularly monitors:

  • Adherence/compliance
  • Proper utilization of therapy
  • Communication touch points with patients
  • Communication touch points with physicians
  • Efficiency of ePAS℠ accelerated prior authorization and financial assistance

Value versus competitors

We share the road to specialty pharmacy with many competitors. But, KnippeRx has a clear edge. Speed to therapy, a smooth and efficient end-to-end process, and extremely high-touch patient care equals greater adherence and compliance—and ultimately, greater cost savings. Our focus on high-touch biologics enables us to provide greater impact in the challenging therapeutic areas of immunology, oncology, hepatitis C, hemophilia, HIV, antirejection (transplantation), lysosomal storage disorders, metabolism disorders, and genetic disorders.