Aligning with you: alleviating your paperwork

KnippeRx Specialty Pharmacy supports the fact that your time is better spent focusing on your patients’ health—rather than their paperwork. To help you keep your focus where it belongs, KnippeRx is specifically designed around innovatively serving the needs of healthcare providers who specialize in treating patients with rare diseases. We’re committed to streamlining your process by eliminating the administrative and clinical burdens of paperwork that’s such a big part of the journey to specialty care. We’re also dedicated to delivering an extraordinarily high level of care, which is clearly evident in our high-touch support, ongoing education, and concentration on compliance and patient safety.

What can you expect from KnippeRx?

KnippeRx is committed to providing you with a more efficient, thoughtful, and effective team approach to specialty care. The new affiliate of J. Knipper and Company, Inc., KnippeRx is a direct response to the healthcare industry’s expressed need for greater speed to therapy and improved patient outcomes. With over 30 years of healthcare experience embedded within our Knipper DNA, KnippeRx is committed to ensuring patients an unsurpassed journey to improved health.

Exceptional speed to therapy

When onboarding patients is the focus—you can rely on KnippeRx to achieve unrivaled speed to therapy. By expertly addressing any access barriers right from the start, KnippeRx keeps your patients on track to receive the therapy they urgently need—when they need it. Unlike other specialty pharmacies whose manual process can that take an average of 2 to 3 weeks, KnippeRx offers proprietary ePAS℠ electronic prior authorization, which has the ability to accelerate the prior authorization process and overcome barriers that often delay critical therapy, while virtually eliminating your paperwork. Through a convenient online healthcare provider portal, KnippeRx integrates ePAS℠ technology to provide instant electronic benefits investigation in real time, often obtaining prior authorization within a matter of days, or even minutes. With high-touch, high-caring action, KnippeRx specialists skillfully manage prior authorization issues, managed care barriers, denials, appeals, and financial assistance—we do the work so you don’t have to.

With high-touch, high-caring action, KnippeRx specialists skillfully manage prior authorization issues, managed care barriers, denials, appeals, and financial assistance. And, if additional documentation needs to be submitted, KnippeRx opens up multiple access channels, including an online portal, phone lines, and fax lines.

Comprehensive, frequent follow-ups

Working as part of a closely connected healthcare team, KnippeRx will collaborate with you to optimize the management of your patients—with an extraordinarily high-touch level of care and empathy. As part of our unique promise, KnippeRx engages in forming trusting relationships with your patients and your office through frequent outreach, by keeping the lines of communication open, we can identify concerns before they become issues. From the initial pharmacy consultation right through to every subsequent delivery of therapy, KnippeRx utilizes all potential touch points to reinforce adherence: timely refill reminders, patient and caregiver counseling, dosing titration instructions, and guidance for managing multiple therapies.

Setting higher standards

As part of your patient’s dedicated healthcare team, we’ll keep you up to date on your patient’s status with a monthly Thorough Operational Performance (T.O.P) report that provides actionable, detailed data on the top 10 issues surrounding your patients’ therapy—right down to the time and day their product is delivered.

Not only will you see how your patients are doing, you’ll see KnippeRx’s commitment to you and your patients—shining through.