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Recognition & Development


Q.How long will the interview or hiring process take?
A.The timing will vary based on the number of candidates and interviews scheduled. To help reduce the time for interviewing and hiring, the best things you can do are to:
  • Fully complete our on-line application with your recent employers (last 7 yrs) and education.
  • Be prepared for our background screening process by having the names and dates of employment for your recent employers. Plan to take the drug screen (within 3 days of offer). When former employers are no longer in business, have W2s available for verification.
Q.What is the best way to prepare for an interview?
A.Do your research. Review our website. Assess why you want to work here. Determine how your skillsets relate for the position/company. Prepare questions for the interview team. Dress to impress. Remember that non-verbal communication often says more than verbal communication. Be engaged. Be on time. Additionally, for video interviews: Check your technology effectiveness for internet connectivity. Ensure you have a quiet place for the conversation.
Q.Does Knipper Health require Covid-19 vaccinations of contributors?
A.At this time, Knipper Health does NOT require that our contributors be vaccinated for Covid-19, or other viruses. However, as a company immersed in the health care world, we do encourage our contributors to become fully vaccinated, and periodically, we may request verification of vaccination status. For the health and safety of our contributors, and for the continuity of our service to clients and patients, we do have established protocol and expectations for addressing Covid-19.
Q.If I was hired and working on-site, would I have to wear a mask/face covering daily?
A.Currently we do not require the use of a mask/face covering. However, if by choice a contributor prefers to wear one, that option is available and respected.


We encourage growth and development through the lifecycle of our contributors. We want each person to find meaning in their day job and to create balance with their personal life. We also love to celebrate our successes and demonstrated CHART behaviors. So you’ll see:

  • On-going Compliance Training – keeping you knowledgeable about processes, requirements and regulations that we uphold and respect.
  • Regular Professional Development – ensuring you learn and grow professionally. And when you’re ready, if it’s of interest to you, helping to prepare you for the next role through microlessons, instructor-led courses and through coaching from our management team.
  • Management Development – through our professional management development program, our people managers have opportunities to develop and enhance their management and leadership skills and style. Development is available through microlessons, short lessons called Talent Tactics, through more in-depth instruction, and via stretch assignments – perhaps through one of our task forces.
  • On-going Accolades – we love to celebrate YOU! And we make it easy for you to see the “high-fives” and recognition from colleagues and for you to shout out to them for a job well-done – all through our social recognition platform.
  • Employee Referrals – we encourage you to refer people you know who are hard-working, dedicated, and CHART-like. And when they are a match and we hire them, you’ll receive a referral bonus as a thank you. Help us continue to build the team!
  • Anniversaries – our tenured employees know that they are valued and we honor regular service milestones at our Annual Service Awards Gala. We love a commitment!
  • Awards – awards come in many shapes at Knipper Health. We have various awards that we present to those contributors who embody the areas that Knipper Health values greatly across the company. These prestigious awards are bestowed upon those who exemplify Quality, Learning Advocacy, CHART values, or who go well above and beyond to earn our Action Hero award.

Knipper Health is committed to retaining top talent and so we listen to our contributors; we survey them, we ask what they’re thinking, we assess what’s possible both for our teams and for the company and then we put into action ways to recognize and celebrate all that we do for each other and for the success of Knipper Health. Never losing sight of our mission… to create the shortest path between patient and therapy.

KnippeRx is currently looking for talented members to join our team.